Customer Service and the United States Post Office

Running a post office is no easy chore and many times there is a line. Customers waiting in line obviously believe that if they have to wait too long that the customer service is no good. They equate their time being wasted to poor service. It is not difficult to run a post office, but it is difficult to staff the front office. this page

This is because the customers come in spurts and there are mandatory breaks for the employees. Additionally many people go to the post office during their lunch break and that is the exact same time there are fewer front desk helpers at the post office working.

Problems are compounded during the Christmas rush. Most of the post office’s are open additional hours to help alleviate some of the lines, but it is not so easy for them to add extra people on duty during Christmas only like UPS does.

Still, these lines are equated by customers to lousy service. Excuses are not good enough for the customer who has to wait in line 20 minutes and pay money and it is difficult to convince the customer after they have waited in line that the service is good.

The United States Post Office goes out of its way to promote good customer service and trains all its people to respect the customer and to deal with aggressive behavior. Nevertheless, people still get out of line because they are infuriated at having to wait for 20 minutes just to mail a letter or a package.

Customer service is never easy whether it is at a post office or a local retail store. But it is something that must be given or the customers will be very upset. Please consider all this in 2006.

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